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The bathroom can be one of the most overlooked rooms to remodel in the house. And while the kitchen in the past was known as the number 1 way to increase value with the property the bathroom is now pretty much up there for bring top values to a place. In the past a bathroom consisted of a basic sink, bathtub and toilet which are still the general outlay but now home owners have way more options than the past. For instance you can have a bathtub that comes in all shapes and sizes with fitted Jacuzzi jets. The toilet can be stylized with not only 1 flush button but 2 which saves water and can help the environment. The seat can also be heated and the flush system is quite so not to wake people up at night when you flush. Sinks can now be incorporated in a double design or a large single, with different faucets and classy modern designs. And even showers can be transformed in to these amazing stalls that can double up as steam rooms with multi jet streams to make you feel like you are in a spa setting.

The bathroom remodel includes the following items:
  • Remove all old materials from bathroom as well as removed from job site
  • Supply and install new tub
  • Supply and install new toilet
  • Supply and install new drain and pop up stopper
  • Supply and install new pressure balance shower faucet
  • Supply and install new shower head and diverter spout
  • Supply and install new Denshield board in shower area Supply and install new tile to ceiling in tub area
  • Supply and install one corner caddy and soap dish Supply and install new plywood sub floor
  • Supply and install new porcelain tile floor
  • Supply and install new vanity

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